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Advice for my first payment coupons

Kate Woodruff

Hi all you beautiful people! I have watched all of Chris’s videos, some of them a few times and some others on YT and been studying these courses and I’m getting ready to send in my first payment coupons this week! I am going to start with just a few credit cards, Discover and Citi Bank. Does anybody have any advice, tips, tricks?! I am not going to send the full amounts in hopes they don’t close them. I’ve had both of them for over 5 years.  I’ve paid them off once before with my hard earned money but you know, life happens. I’m so anxious and excited to try this and see if it works for me! Like all of you, I’ve worked so hard my whole life and made many sacrifices and not only have people taken advantage of me, I’ve had lots of financial struggles along the way as well. Currently still trying to financially recover from a toxic relationship but I am staying positive and crossing my fingers that’s I am one of the chosen ones for this process so I can finally be financially free! But any advice on sending payment coupons to those credit cards is much appreciate and thank you in advance! 

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