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Capital One Coupon Payment Process

John Doe

On December 7th, 2022 I mailed Capital One my coupon, cover letter explaining that I would be making payments as such moving forward, as well as my fee schedule via certified mail. It was reported as delivered on December 9th, 2022, yet I heard nothing from the company. On December 19th, I called in to ask why my payment had not yet posted.

The first call ended up with me running up against a brick wall of an employee saying, in short, that this was not an accepted form of payment.

So I called back to speak with somebody else, who was very apologetic and agreed to post a provisional credit to the account in the amount of what was written on the coupon.

That payment posted on December 20th, and I received an email saying that"Your payment has posted"

The next day, on December 21st however, all 3 of my Capital One credit accounts began showing as "Restricted" and the payment was reversed, showing as "Payment Adjustment", and then subsequently tacked on a "Late Fee" in addition.

I'm in the process of strategizing next steps, which could include:

1) An invoice to the company per my fee schedule
2) Filing a 3949-A with the IRS to investigate unauthorized use of my personal identifiable information
3) Filing a complaint with the CFPB in response to the adverse action taken by Capital One

Any thoughts and feedback are welcome, and appreciated

Thank you

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I have a similar story with Capital One, Sent in my payment coupon and had my account restricted.  I sent Capital One a conditional acceptance that cured on 12/30/22 so I sent tender of financial instruments to the treasury and I also filed a 3939-A that mailed out on 1/2/23. Waiting...

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Noman Almarifawi

What is (tender of financial instruments)?