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Are you supposed to use red and blue and black especially red and blue and specific parts of what you're filling out on the coupon? Aren't you supposed to send the 1099a with it because I didn't have any luck without it. So I have to send everything in again we're the 1099A but I thought they were you supposed to use red and blue cuz I use black with the regular egg to fill out the amount I was paying and I spelled out the amount on the side of it cuz it wasn't any room on the bottom and I think you're supposed to use your use red for when you put your name in or I don't know I'm not sure what I saw it somewhere and now I can't find it I think the accepted for deposit by is all in red and then your name is in blue beneficiary then are you riding your capitals Colin Caps and then red pays your table to the bear without recourse all in red That's what I put on the back of it I'm at the front of it I just put the joking bread more on the front.