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Coupon sent & now how to approach?

Monica D

Submitted the coupon by certified mail as requested (for signature purposes if it goes to a conditional acceptance) Still waiting on the signature cards BUT my question is, when we call in (because my husband has separate credit accounts then myself) When we approach the conversation with the account reps, most of them will play dumb or surely have a clue, how do we bluntly approach them to honor our/my remittance coupon which was submitted for payment & wrote it as a money order. Outside of spitting the UCC code

I love the testimonials and I would love to be one myself, but I am a person who hears the words both parties spoke to one another, so my ammunition is set and mentally prepared for all outcomes. I hope this makes sense. I know each scenario is different. I currently submitted our 1099-A for both our cars to be paid off and tomorrow will be 30 days. I'm praying within 30-45 days it will be shown as paid off and cleared so I can TESTIFY 

Any advance, comments, or encouragement is highly welcomed. I love being apart of this new way of thinking and can't wait to be able to show proof to my friends and families, so they can see that freedom and breaking the bandage of deception is REAL.