Help - The 1099-A Process


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Disappointment chasing the Unicorn

Ros V

It seems that all around  us there is so much talk and gathering around to discuss possible freedom. I have been studying, speaking in forum, asking the IRS About forms 1099a and 1099C,  called Fidelity back about wiring securities/instruments AND IT SEEMS TO BE ALL A UNICORN WE ARE CHASING IN THE FOREST.

Even banks we have been to for years aren’t receptive. It seems that 75% of what’s going around  is not true. There is not a simple way to do any of this and always more questions when it doesn’t. 
Can anyone share at least where to send a1099? Isn’t it to the trustee of the credit/ mortgage/ billing?

Frustrated and dismayed,


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Wendy Daden

I share your frustration.
Try this post: Coupon Process where to mail for results.posted 2022.