Help - The 1099-A Process


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Help for foreigners

Hi brothers and sisters and special multi multi times grateful to our dear Cristopher for his space, generosity, experience and wisdom.
I am writing this from Spain, I am having a bad time and his help is great.
I understand that if the Kingdom of Spain is registered with the SEC Spain has a contract with the United States (FATCA among others) and therefore the IRS must accept my forms. Just like Spain throughout Europe. The problem comes when the number of numbers of the SSN of Spain is not taken by the form or when you have to choose in the dropdown of states only the states of America appear. The question would be: if as a European I want to create a link with America, should I, for example, create an LLC in America? would that help save the process? I know that my trust money is there and I have a right to benefit from it.
I would like Cristopher to deal with this topic of foreigners, please brother, you would already be the culmination of greatness.

Without the help of the Spaniards , the United States of America would not exist.
__George Washington.


Hi i am from Australia and Chris may not have time to help us but we will try help each other.

Uma Vaiyapuri

I am looking for similar information as my husband is from India. Your post has perked my curiousity about EIN number. I am wondering if anyone can create a EIN or only persons from USA can create one. The EIN number is equivalent to a SSN except it is for a company. You don't have to have a company in existence before you order an EIN. Just my thoughts. Also, I think we should give it a try with the number equivalent of USA SSN and see what happens. I am happy to form a group for international audiences.