Help - The 1099-A Process


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My first 1099a!

S hines

Today i got a business that i had a contract with to agree to accept a 1099a for the rest of my payments (around 3k). the concept of 1099c was just too far beyond them and the 1099a used in this way, well, it took some splainin'. At one point i have my friend (who turned me onto Chris Hauser and Brandon Joe Williams) is saying in the background "you're going to have to just send them a conditional acceptance" and at one point the accountant is yelling a demand that i send her a conditional acceptance, not knowing what one is. I explained to her that i could have just sent her a 1099a or c with one to begin with, explaining that if they rejected it that the original payment contract would no longer be valid and that she did not want me to do that. i also told her it was my goal to honor my word by paying this contract and i really don't want to cancel it. i want them to be paid the amount i agreed to pay them. that got us on the same page and she agreed to immediately stop my monthly payments (my next was scheduled for tomorrow) and work with me and her supervisor and learn how to handle these so she knows how to handle them properly in the future. Yay. 

The department of state signed and acknowledged in followup call the receipt of affidavits of citizenship on behalf of myself and my daughter in march of this year. the signature cards are "lost in the mail" thus far but i have my receipts and card with number for each of the two documents. i unregistered to vote. i have not filed taxes in many years. not a problem. but i have not filed biz taxes ever. i know things i was planning on doing next. i need to make the most of my time in this short window.

I was GOING to mail my IRS form 56  Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship today. But i did things like the above phone call instead. So I have two versions of FORM 56, one assigning the Sec of Treasury as a Fiduciary of my Trust without her sig but with forms 1041, 1041-v, 1096, and 1099. i have pics with personal edited out but not sure where to attach them. the other form 56 option for assigning myself as fiduciary of my strawman is not as clearly described in what i watched most recently. 1freedomslave short vid but the concept seems valid. thing is, i need to make sure i get done what i absolutely have to before i submit this 1099a in the next few days. so questions:

do i actually need to file form 56 before 1099a or c or endorsements will go through? if so, both? and whose version of 56 becoming fiduciary over strawman is not going to marry me to myself? I'm not super lost, just the speed that all this came together is a bit mindboggling and i need my brain to rest while simultaneously planning and executing my list very carefully in the coming days.  

and regarding the "date proceeding initiated" box on 56: my parents registered my home birth in state of California nearly a year after it occurred. so there is the alleged dob,  and my parents' informant sigs 11 months later, then the date of local registrar sig, who is also an M.D., nearly a year after my document dob, which date did proceeding initiate in this case?

sorry if long or disorganized. really tired. will try to be more succinct when possible.


sarah hines