Help - The 1099-A Process


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Ordered our 1099A's, OID's, 96's on 06/08/23

Daniel & Sara

I printed off the 1040V's. This is very exciting. I do have a question however. Is it easier to have money sent to a BROKERS ESCROW to not raise any questions with the TREASURY? Really not sure how we want to go about this. I want to do it right and not just do a "bene" sig. on our account. Goal is to help many people and they can use us as a "TRUSTEE".

Back in our real estate days, we fell into the commercial financing. Standby letters of credit (SBLC's), Tier 1 programs, etc. 99% of those brokers involved were full of shit and never knew principals and alike. After chasing the dream for a few yrs and going broke due to all the liars of others, I decided to shut down our website but we still have our company. Some Chinese company bought our domain name after I let it lapse. The TIER 1 prog. an investor can come in for like $5M and it doubles monthly. Never ACTUALLY seen it working so that is hearsay.

Anyway, we know many great brokers who have many humanitarian projects avail for investors. I really like the idea of creating your own, like what CH went on about, creating FOUNDATIONS. We also talked about houses. Could we buy a house and rent it out? Buy a house, live in it for 6 months and then rent it out? We could buy up the town and rent them all out but no, not for $1900 monthly but instead maybe $5000-$6000 monthly (annual payout) but with a 1099A, no cash or whatever the hell we are about to move to to cover rent, utilities, etc. Just a thought. I am just babbling at this point, just excited to get our docs. Seen all the vids on youtube. Starting on here