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American State National status

Mark Reno

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on 10/27/2023 00:28:38

I don't see a good place to put this, but it is terrifically important. So, I will just put it here so people will be able to find it. 

For those who are working to establish their American State National status but aren't sure exactly what to do, I may have a solution for you. I am currently working on my status, and have came across several sites. A few have arrived at top status due to quality of information and professionalism.

The first is https://app\.statenational\.us/home\ They\ have\ a\ wealth\ of\ info\ and\ all\ the\ documents\ you\ need\ to\ dispense\ with\ your\ U\.S\.Citizenship\ and\ establish\ your\ American\ State\ National\ status\.

If\ you\ are\ looking\ for\ an\ option\ to\ get\ seriously\ in\-depth\ help\ doing\ the\ paperwork,\ then\ I\ recommend\

Both of these sites are David Straight affiliated, meaning they use his process or something extremely close to what he has recommended.

If you have no clue what an American State National even is...start with the first website.

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joanne swearingen

I am also working on state national status found these sites you mentioned to be very helpful. I have had zero sucess with any of the processes I have tried here. I completed all the courses and I feel very strongly that this is solid info. Nov. Will make one year since I began using these forms and nothing yet. My focus had become more toward staus correction at this point. My post office is returning my mail with postage due stamped all over it things are slow to progress that's my update