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Never made a payment since 11-21-21 VW Passat


Went in like normal to buy a car, signed normally.   At the time, I did not know the coupon method.   I did not receive first statement until end of February.  They wanted two months of payments. 

Instead I wrote in FULL amount of loan in the "amount enclosed" "amount due" area on the coupon. I signed beneficiary signature on the back (like when you endorse a check).  I did not do anything else to the coupon.  Just wrote in the loan amount, (I did add a few hundred over loan amount to cover any fees etc.), and beneficiary signature on the back.  Along with the coupon, we wrote a letter, NOTICE FOR DISCHARGE/SETOFF to the CEO, the letter pointed out what the definitions of bonds coupon, coupon bonds, coupon notes, instruments, double dipping and that we were attempting to clear a debt with the coupon.   We sent certified mail to the CEO at the time, but NOW, recommend sending to the Registered Agent for Service of Process for the company.  You can find on SOS in your state website also every letter we sent was notarized.

We did receive the green card,  postal rule in effect.

The bank called and harassed both me and my husband from March to April.  "In an attempt collect a debt" is how the call would start.  We said we sent payment for the full amount.  We told them we received the green card.  We stuck to the truth, we did make a payment in full.   Eventually they sent a letter near end of March stating they do not accept coupons & for proof that was a debt they sent a copy of the "contract" that I initialed and signed.

After receiving their letter we sent certified mail to CEO, Chief Financial Officer of bank, United states Attorney General currently Merrick Garland, and the Attorney General in my state a conditional acceptance.

The harassment continued and then they sent a NOTICE OF INTENT TO ACCELERATE this was mid April when we received this letter.  

At that time the loan was on my credit, like normal but was not showing delinquent.

Beginning of May we sent Claim of Lein to Department of Treasury Secretary of the Treasury currently Janet Yellen, US Attorney General currently Garland, and Attorney General in my state all in one letter sending them all a certified copy.  Claim of Lein letter included:

- Copies of certified green cards, we had a valid chain of title

-Copy of Conditional acceptance of contract listing all lien debtors

-A Final Assessment and Tender of Instrument

-A claim of lien for each Lien instrument to the United States Treasury

A final assessment and tender of instrument

Since we did not hear back from bank regarding our conditional acceptance we took that as a Non Response.  So we sent a Debt Dispute/Notice of Non-Response letter to the bank.  

By the end of May the loan was no longer on my credit, literally as if it was never there.

At the end of June, we sent a complaint stating the facts to the representatives of the bank we were in contact with and two copies to the Federal Trade Commission, copy to Comptroller of Currency all named in same letter for all to see.  Including the certified tracking numbers for each letter going out.  We simply stated the facts and the laws to back it up.  We also stated the laws pertaining to NOTICE OF NON-RESPONSE, and the fact they never returned coupon.  This leads to NOTICE OF DISHONOR which we backed up with the laws as well.  NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL, AND NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT.  Silence is acquiescence, agreement and dishonor.  Put everything you can think of in your dispute along with appropriate UCC codes.  Included in the dispute was a statement of fact, there was never a loan, & we rescinded all signatures.  Be it known:  I do not want to be party to a fraudulent and/or unlawful contract.

Beginning of July a tow truck trespassed on my property in the middle of the night, my neighbors saw this (defamation) and they trolled the neighborhood a few days there after.  My car was in our garage.  This went on for about a week.  

November 1, 2022 We reached out to the car dealer as well and wrote them a letter rescinding my signature demand they name the Original creditor.   The bank responded, and claimed it was the dealership who was the original creditor and the bank was simply assigned to the contract.  Then they stated all of the fees and the total amount owed and declined to relinquish me from my "debt".

According to credit karma there is no loan with this bank regarding a 2022 VW Passat.

It is possible they would try to take it again.  But haven't had any issues and we do not have a title.  We are in process of closing this up for good.  Will keep you posted on what we do next.

FYI:  This is not easy, we did a lot of reading & research hours and hours, this isn't our first rodeo with battling with so called trustees, we do not recommend doing if you do not have a garage, we do not recommend doing if you have no clue what you are doing or just learning.  Do your due diligence.    Good luck.



Create and Express a Trust. Create an invoice for 21 silver dollars that the Trust purchased this asset. Change title of car into the trust...I hope you have the title? otherwise disregard all of above.

Derek Keane

🙂 The only thing is the Registered agent/service of process is that it is The Line to their Officer of the administrative tribunal (o.a.t.) that answers to the administrators who manipulate the statutes against you. 

It is valueable IF the Registered agent is one of the agents/CEO, etc., of that company, and not an o.a.t. 

I have used the address of agent on the Statement of Information if this is the case.

Otherwise you are making a Private action potentially Public by involving an officer of the administrative tribunal. 

The Conditional Acceptance is a private, common law action. 

Best to keep it that way and not make it potentially public by involving their o.a.t.s.

If they want to bring in their o.a.t.(s) after mailing to the CEO, so be it. They can then be added to the Conditional Acceptance or a future one. 

Finn: Sol

@jimS - Do you have an Invoice Template for 21 Silver Dollars? (I use the same technique).


You could file a law suit, as one of the people of your jurisdiction in a court of record calling them out on their trust fraud trying to double dip etc. That would likely get their attention. to learn more about that. It's not my site and totally free.