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SUCCESS with certified mail TAXE PERCUE


One small victory today with the IMM 742.1 USPS process for mailing certified mail with return receipt (normally a total of $7.85) for .03 cents.

The first post office I went to in my area the clerk looked at it and being confused asked the clerk next to him who promptly said, "It's a scam, he has to pay." So I asked for the supervisor who looked at it for 10 seconds or so and then ALLEGEDLY got HIS supervisor on the phone who told him (ALLEGEDLY) to tell me I have to pay. Then the first guy piped up again and said in front of all of the other customers, "Yeah, it's just a scam." To which I replied, "It's not a scam, it's a well-researched, legal and lawful way to send mail." I asked for the supervisor's card and left, a bit disappointed, but with my head held high.

I drove about 15 minutes to the next post office, this time the Clearwater, FL main post office. Side note, this is one of those really cool classic post office buildings, built in 1933 (yep that's right) and they just have this vibe inside that's hard to explain. But a totally different attitude from the clerks. First clerk, no, never seen anything like this so she sends me over to the manager line where I wait and wait. He's in the back "on the phone." I think he was hiding because he never came out. So now all of the customers have left and it's me and 4 clerks. One of them finally says respectfully, "what is that you have?" I showed him the envelope and showed him the printout from the USPS Postal explorer website. He looks totally confused and then brings it over to the next guy and if you can believe it he says to him, "look this up on the website to make sure it says this." So there's 3 clerks now researching this on the internet. I'm just standing there patiently and I can tell their brains are smoking from how intently they're looking at stuff on the computer. Finally, after about 15 minutes the first guy takes the envelope back to his window, bops it with the stamp and gives me the receipt as if nothing happened. The other clerk comes over with a look of respect and awe and I tell him I was doing some research about the USPS and came across this process and he says, "you found a gem."

One small victory. Now we'll see about getting rid of this debt.

Thanks Jay and Chris and for your hard work and dedication. This is all about our relationship with the creator. He's present and working through the reality. All the devil can do if we let him is trick us into thinking we need something other than God's love. Keep the faith, keep practicing, don't give up.