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Mimi Maxi

I had great success when it came to renewing my snap benefits. Thanks to Mary Ann Pierce from right here in the community and her tips on the application process. I was due for renewal of my snap benefits in October and i submitted my paper application exactly how Mary suggested mailed it to them and about a month a few days later I received a letter from them in the mail stating that they needed “proof of all gross income“ and I had to reply by a certain date so I actually sent them back another letter on the day they stated the gross income sheet was due, basically saying I’m a natural living woman, and I don’t have any income, never filed, taxes, that was my corporate entity etc . I mailed this letter out November 16th (the day it was actually due) to the Secretary of the Dept of Child in Florida (sorry I forgot to mention that earlier , both the application and letter I sent were addressed to the secretary and sent to the headquarter). I also called the department of children of families on the 15th of November a day prior to me mailing the letter out, unrelated to snap and the rep on the phone was like while I have you on the phone I see you’re actually due for an interview, and I was like I never received notice of this, I only got a letter from you guys asking for my income, so she proceeds to ask me a series of questions and I tell her before we start can you guys just ask me these things via mail and she just says it’s just for verification purposes and the questions she asks me are the exact questions on the paper application and I tell her this, I’ve already answered these questions on my application and she responds with yes I know but this is just to confirm what you wrote on the application and she asks if I have A job and I say no my corporate entity does and I told her I just sent you guys a letter clarifying these things and it’s set to deliver soon. So I didn’t want to mess up and accidentally recontract over the phone so I hung up on her. Anyway I mailed the letter out on the 16th of November and the expected delivery date was today November 20th. So I randomly checked my providers app which is the app where I can see the balance on my card yesterday November 19th and I saw an deposit made to my card was made on November 18th with an extra $141 increase which I’m very excited about because they but my benefits almost in half earlier in the year when I provided my income prior to this process. I think I’m now getting the max amount for a single person in FL which is $291. 

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Hollywood Jones

Thank you for sharing!!