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any 1099a success with buying a house?

Bella Tarie

I currently have a real estate broker doing the process with me to buy a house I just wanted to see if anyone has actually bought a home?

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I am not aware of someone buying a home.   But, Additional information is needed about the 1099a.   This form can only be used by financial institutions (banks).   Chris admitted on his last Q&A that there was some misunderstanding about how these forms are used.    Please take a listen to the latest recording here: , about how the 1099a is used.    You may need to listen several times because there is SO much information there.   As a recent member of the group, it is easy to for me to know how one could easily be confused on how this all works.   Listen to the 10/25 audio.   It will clear up a lot of questions.

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Are you sure? I recall him the saying the 1099-C is for financial institutions to discharge debt. He did make a correction on the Treasury Contract not to do the do your 1040 along with the UCC. I will give it another listen.