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Clarifying "c/o" and "[RFD *******]"

Travis Milligan

So... New to this concept of mailing for free, and while someone else asked the same general question for clarifying what these details were for, it didn't seem like anyone actually answered what they were for.

The "c/o" spot, I can only assume could be for... the street address, or PO box, given the use of terms I know from the other way of sending mail? I guess we just don't use the added "PO" onto the term "Box"?

More importantly, above all else though, the "[RFD *******]" aspect, what is this about?? I can't deny, since it's seemingly replacing the zip code, my only assumption is about it being a zip code-type of aspect to mailing this way.

I appreciate anyone's time over this, and God bless you all!

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If I comprehend the questions correctly..

1. C/O is short for In care of... meaning your not residing there just receiving a package there.. this is used in conjunction or with your street addy , or home addy only and must be completely spelled out. No abbreviations allowed as your not corporate.  A living person always spells everything out and usually handwrites it. No zip codes. put near [zip] as brackets around the zip mean without the zipcode. You cannot use a PO BOX on your addy as that is a DC Benefit and according to the Buck Act will put you in the Corporate Jurisdiction. 

2. RFD is short for Rural Free Delivery or General Delivery when using this your letting others know your not domestic and require no zip code or are zip code exempt. Shows your Foreign/Non Domestic/Without the US. I would still follow what was said in 1 above referring to the use of brackets and zip.

 I hope this helps anyone reading this... be in peace God speed.