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labels for address to mail stuff for free

Wondering if we could make labels with our name, address, etc. and for the postage paid, etc? Also, how would the postal clerk know we want a return receipt if we drop the letter in the outgoing drop box?

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Yes you can simply print your own labels... 

If you need a return receipt you can get the green card supplies from any post office, fill one out and put it on your envelope. It will then be returned to you signed. 

However in some cases the post office would take your mail at the counter and give you a receipt with $0 on it... This is a hit or miss though... One time I went to the counter and the post clerk said that he cannot scan my mail and put it in the outgoing basket without scanning them... then at some point down the line it got scanned and I was able to track the mail.

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Rebecca K Murphy

I read in a google search that you can create registered mailing labels in I have an active account but can't find the correct tab to create it... any ideas??? TIA