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Various mail templates that have been used, now being rejected.

I've have used a few different templates over the last year or two. Each of these had been successful a few times, but are now being rejected.

Apparently, I hadn't made the links available to anyone with the link...and this platform can make editing a little hard.

Template\\ 1\\. https://docs\.google\.com/document/d/1dGelulLRtwoNgESdsFt16wtK9S0\-Iy8m/edit\?usp=sharing\&ouid=111731663844729564834\&rtpof=true\&sd=true

For\\\ this\\\ one,\\\ they\\\ highlight\\\ the\\\ city,\\\ state,\\\ and\\\ say\\\ within\\\ the\\\ US\\\.\\\ I'm\\\ not\\\ sure\\\ if\\\ I\\\ should\\\ leave\\\ off\\\ the\\\ No\\\ Postage\\\ piece,\\\ and\\\ simply\\\ leave\\\ the\\\ first\\\ class\\\ part\\\.\\\ If\\\ so,\\\ do\\\ I\\\ need\\\ to\\\ use\\\ a\\\ thumb\\\ print\\\?


For this version, I use my ben sig, in front of the (c). I have included RFD in the brackets, and not used RFD (keeping zip in brackets). There's some odd stuff at the bottoms, with a bar code, with the zip+4+2 other numbers; 68025-652949...when I look it up on the usps zip+4, the 49 is delivery point code.

IRS\ Letter\.\

Over the certified mail (note, I've not been folding at the dotted line, just placing it on, so that I can fit my address, the receiving address, and the full postage data) a faded stamp that looks like it has Omaha, NE 680. It then has a date, PM (time, I guess) 4 L.

The other has 68025--I can't tell if it's a 3 with a something like | going through it, an 8, or something else--6529 R001.

I used the template in the mail section, and get the highlight of city+state, saying that it is "within the US."