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Reply for my mortgage

Called mortgage company for payoff on my home and asked also asked if they know what 1099A was. Talked to 4 people and none of them knew what it was.

 Then I sent a letter to my mortgage company asking for a copy of all paper work from my closing when I bought the home about 13 years ago. Sent registered mail. I asked for all signatures. Then I got a reply back and it said,  if I wanted to pay off the loan that we would need to shut down automatic payment. My wife gets online every month  to pay. 

So is this letter from them in regards to the certified mail or a reply to my phone call to them about the payoff? 

Do they reply with a registered letter to my registered letter to them?

I would like to send the letter to you but it looks like I can't 


We have not released the course on 1099-A yet but lending institutions are familiar with it. It just depends on who you talk to.. usually it would be someone in the accounting department that would know...

Can you describe step by step what you have done? Feel free to email us anything you want us to look at.


A simple way to handle this would be to use the coupon method in this course and also add a 1099-A filled out with your payoff.

Hello Charles, I'm in the process getting my mortgage discharged as well. I filed my 1099a online a little over a week ago and it was accepted. I sent a letter today certified and notarized along with copy b. If you'd like a copy of my letter let me know.

I tried the hard copy of the 1099a for a medical bill and they sent me a letter saying they can't accept it as payment.

But I just turned around and filled out another 1099a online to hopefully get it paid. I sent a letter certified and notarized along with copy b to the CEO of the hospital today. We'll see how it goes doing it this way. I did state in the letter that if they don't take care of this debt I'll be filing a claim of lien with treasury.

charles kellington
It's a letter asking me for more time to get me all the documents at time of closing when I bought my home..
It's been 30 days now cense I sent the letter. 

I also sent a letter with a 1099A filled out. Gave them 10 days and it's been 15 days no word from Wells Fargo.
I want to move to the next letter to Wells Fargo. I have read and watched but still a little confused.
Now I send the lien security?
I read Chris's "step by step" (10 pages) process to lien and am not sure what to do yet.
Does Chris have a templet for this? Is it possible to pay someone to help me with this?
I am in my sixties and have had two strokes and I have a slow time with all this. 

Thank you for your time, 

Thank you!!

On Monday, April 25, 2022, 04:12:42 PM CDT, legalibus c wrote:

I don’t see why not. I would see what they send and prepare for the next step.


> On Apr 25, 2022, at 10:32 AM, Chuck  wrote:
> Hello again,
> I sent a letter and a filled out 1099A to Wells Fargo to pay off mortgage.
> Letter (sent 4-11-22)  gave 10 days to reply.
> Just had FedEx drop a large envelope at my home. All caps in my name.
> Can or should I  open?

i read Charles's question, it does seem confusing. Do you guys offer one on one assistance in these cases?

Hello David Hollandsworth, Yes I would like a copy of your letter.
Thank you.
Thanks you!


We can offer one-on-one assistance on a case by case basis.. just submit your requests via contact us above this page or get in touch link in the footer.

Hello Charles, I'll be sending you the letter via email. Just so you know, I did get a letter in the mail from the mortgage company stating that they are conducting a full review of my loan as it relates to my inquiry. They said they will be mailing a response letter detailing their findings and action taken.


You guys have to understand the lower level isn't going to know squawt. They're just pawns. But also understand these people will NEVER give up there double dipping without crying first. Just trying to help you overstand logically.

Lawanda Dixon

This was very helpful considering my mortgage is with wells fargo too., I will try this process also. Can you show the letter you sent the bank?

Irma Navarro

What's the process online for a 1099a? I am going under foreclosure and already ordered the 1099a form and other forms needed but I don't know when I'll receive them. What's the process to do it online?