Help - The 1099-A Process


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1099a Adventure

Rebecca K Murphy

I have been following posts on this site and watching videos on YouTube. I read a comment that said, "Be a Trustee and cut out the middle man." So I served as Trustee for my adult children and grown granddaughters. The papers have been sent a little over a month. I am praying for an unusually short turn around. I am extremely anxious to find out if I can make this work. It will be a great adventure helping people with this process. :) I also have sent a package of documents to the Treasury Department with all of my financial obligations as well as my utility bills for a year. Looking forward to being a Trustee and helping people with the 1099a process...:)

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Costantine Erhayel

Blessing to you and your family, may God give you your heart desire. Could you please share with us the process you took to be a trustee!!Meaning, what type of forms you sent and did you open a tryst account already and how about!!Thanks for sharing and good luck