Help - The 1099-A Process


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Clearing debt owed to the IRS for taxes

Elizabeth Stoughton

I need to clear debt owed to the IRS for taxes. I have a few questions:
1. Do I need to fill out a 1099a for each year that I owe or can I put the total amount on one and list in the property description - taxes owed, year amount listing all three?

2. Do I send this with a remittance letter or conditional acceptance - sorry, I've been watching and re-watching all the videos and can't figure out which one is best.

3. Do I send the 1099a to the IRS payment address with the payment voucher they send you or is there another address I should send to? In MA there is a specific address we send all IRS forms, etc to but was uncertain about payments.

Thank you!


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Elizabeth Stoughton

Can anyone help with this? This is a very specific situation and I can't move forward with other items until we get this cleared. I have re-watched all of Chris' videos and am just not sure on how to submit the 1099a to the IRS. Thank you in advance!