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Anyone who has had success with the trustee process; I have a quick question! 

How are you sending your packets to the treasury? How are you writing out your "From"?

I have sent 3 packets certified mail with green cards just as CH recommends. I have sent one packet "TAX PERCUE" (reference from "Mailing your stuff for free"), and the other 2 with stamps. All have been refused at the TREASURY.

My "froms," are places like, "In care of 2665 Yellow Street..." Meaning they are coming from a common law place, and not a legal commerce jurisdiction name with a zip code. And they are ALL getting REFUSED, and sent back. When I say they have been refused; I am saying they are not signing the green cards that come with it (certified mail). 

To summarize; mail is going through the proper channels, and almost delivered, but the treasury agents (I assume that's whos refusing the packets) are not receiving them.

My concern is that even though it makes sense to just send it first class mail, or make the from USA jurisdiction to make sure they will not refuse it; It defeats the purpose for when we send our conditional acceptances. If the treasury will not receive our assigned conditional acceptance then we are SOL. Conditional acceptances must be sent with green card (certified mail) to protect us down the road, and also to hold treasury accountable in the case they say, "well we never received anything?".

Those with conditional acceptance knowledge will get what I am saying.

What I am finding on these forums is that those that proclaim themselves experts (or act as teachers) do not have the actual experience for themselves for what they are attempting to teach. 

A good example would be if I had never learned to swim, but was attempting to teach you how to swim. My thinking is; that's probably not the best teacher to take swimming advice from...

My rational is if you do not know something - say, "I do not know". Don't pretend to be something your not. It will save us all the headache of realizing the self proclaimed teacher does not know either.

To the new-comer that finds your eyes here; the "Mailing your stuff for free..." course to the TREASURY; DOES NOT WORK. 

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For me, personally, I have never attempted to mail for free.    I know that, in the postal rules, the method exists.   But because there are so few employees who are familiar with the process, (and so few who use the process are out there) that mail can be refused for lack of postage.   If you did not know, postage stamps and postal money orders are considered to be 'real money.'   Just like silver.    I buy all denominations of stamps through the USPS website.   I buy $10, $5, $2, & $1 stamps.  And, I also buy one, two & three-cent stamps, and forever stamps through their online ordering platform.   None of my posts have EVER been denied when I use REAL stamps.    Until the Postal Union become knowledgeable about using "no postage necessary", then I will keep using REAL stamps in my mailings.   My time is too important to keep doing the task over and over, only to be frustrated.   Yes, mailing free is a real thing because of public law 73-10.  But because it has not been used in recent history, the employees are not familiar with it.   In short - your time is more valuable than the stamps.   Pay the freight for all your mailings, until...

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Here in Texas, we are mailing for free, all day long. One just came to me and the Clerk complimented the mailing as "impressive! they even put the postal codes and went by the rules." Agree with Harold above, my time is too valuable to do this and have it returned over a small denomination, and one must know how to walk before one can run. We are not wanting to just throw darts at the target and hope something sticks and works. Learn= learn to stand, walk then run unless you have the time to correct over and over. Keep trying what is working, expect a challenge and be prepared to follow through with the entire process. They are getting the message and its coming like a tsunami! peace.