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100 Million SPC Investment Bond, useless NOW?

Finn: Sol

There are people who have "figured this whole 'BC Estate'" thing out and are living on millions of Credits on Account. We occasionally hear about them, but they remain in the private and will not divulge their private trust arrangements or they risk losing it all. For that reason, there is a lot I cannot say in regard to my situation. But I can direct attention to the studies that I believe matter.

First of all, much of everyone's frustration with comments such as Why can't I cash out my B.C. or TDA or how do I access my TDA...

It is my belief that much of this has to do with status, capacity, and standing. SPC is not the only "status" out there.

That said, there is also a distinction between public and private... People go to jail for co-mingling public and private. That's why you can't "Cash Out" your BC and TDA, and why you can't enforce that $100,000,000 BC Bond that everyone wants to "cash out"... There is a public side and a private side. One must learn the private side and it’s the hardest because 99% of what you hear is the public side.

Everything you mentioned above is public... The B.C... it’s not yours! Whose name is at the top? STATE OF____. They own it. It was your Mom's INTENT and PURPOSE for it to be yours, but she signed you away with the BC application. Have a DL, Insurance, Car Registration in your name, Licenses of any type?? Then you are agreeing to be a U.S. Corporate Citizen... and until that status is declared otherwise you are assumed an enemy belligerent combatant as defined as a person in 12 USC 95a2. The Trading with the Enemy Act and Emergency Banking Relief Act. Those status' must be rebutted through the doctrine of election.

Once that is done, it is suggested to correct the official record. Accept and Acknowledge the BC, Change the name from JOHN HENRY DOE to John Henry Doe like it is supposed to be. Maybe even with no Caps... john henry of the House of Doe... maybe.

Then take corrected SS5 to the Social Security Admin and have their records corrected. I've heard someone has their SS card says Private Civilian under the name in upper lower case... and the number on the back starts with an H which is the Federal Reserve of Philly. Guess what they handle. Private Accounts/setoffs/etc.

Then one may proceed to Probate Court. Did you know probate court is a court of EQUITY? Did you know probate court is not just for handling dead people's estates? Did you know you have an estate? Did you know probate court can manage a living estate/trust? Did you know that a probate clerk/judge can order a full accounting of the Estate... which can uncover any profits, rents, interests ever created by the estate? Then one may want to ask for that amount to be Credit on Account... and not cash in my checking account... Why?? Look on the dollar bill. Whose name is at the top? Is it your name at the top? No? Then it’s not yours!!!

So, if one reads what I just wrote carefully and maybe a few times. You will begin to see a pattern in my writings with some of the words I specifically use such as Intent, Purpose, Trust, Equity, Private, Estate, Full Accounting, Living Trust, Accept, Acknowledge. There is where I would take my studies. if I were you...

Oh... and the answer to handling court issues... is using what I just wrote... and some of what you wrote to become more "toxic" than what a judge/clerk/prosecutor wants to deal with... The courts are a "for profit" commercial enterprise… talk about bonds, cusips, D&B numbers... jeez... all created by "your estate" when they welcome you onto their commercial vessel.

The account is a credit for discharging debt since we cannot pay debt with legal tender as it was removed from the hands of the people by order in 1932.