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1099A admin process(utilizing the UST/IRS as a trustee)


When utilizing/assigning the UST/IRS as our trustee is it necessary to send in a state certified copy of our birth certificate endorsed on the back to Janet Yellen and/or her Successors?
When using the UST/IRS as the trustee does the 2848 need to be filed along with Form 56 or is 56 suffice?
Does an automobile need to be identified prior to filing a 1099A or can we just state the  approximate amount you'd be spending including insurance maintenance and upkeep for the year in the appropriate boxes
If purchasing a car hauler with a gooseneck can that be included in with the same 1099A for the auto purchase or does it need to be stated on a separate 1099A?

Does the 1040 form have a play in any stage of the 1099A admin process and if so would it need to be filed in the beginning with the other forms or does it get filed come tax time?

When filing the forms electronically/scanned and/or faxed how long does it take for the funding to take place?

Has/is anyone used/using this process as we speak and if so what kind of progress/success have you had?

Any help/guidance/assistance/sources would be very much appreciated!

God Bless!