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Dealing With The Courts!

Finn: Sol

The first few things you must realize about courts are:

Courts are Banks!

Living beings can’t be in the statutory courts!

If you are in a court, you are considered dead and worse (NON-existent!)

From their angle you are literally NOT standing there!

You can’t appear, you can only be somewhere or not!

Only the LEGAL PERSON is summoned to any court, so you can’t go, sorry!

All law today is commercial and for CORPORATIONS ONLY! There is no law for living beings in the CORPORATE MATRIX!

Living beings are hostile enemies of the STATE/FEDERAL CORPORATION.

Courts are Admiralty Military Zones. Admiralty Military War zones means (Courts of Martial-Military Law).

If you go into a court, you are trespassing in Admiralty where only commercial vessels (CORPORATIONS) are allowed and you are automatically in Admiralty Contempt.

When you go into court you stepped out of your private jurisdiction and contracted (submitted) to hostile military jurisdiction by default.

A lawyer can be in a court (supposedly) but you can’t, not even standing beside the lawyer! As you will see below the lawyer can’t be there either! Strange stuff!

There are no courts to go to! A true court is an Article III court and there is no such blessing to be found not even in Washington.

Courts are merchant banks.

All courts use a statutory jurisdiction which doesn’t even exist. They will say it is Statutory jurisdiction, but we challenge anyone including the best judge or lawyer to locate that jurisdiction starting with the only document that establishes jurisdictions for courts, the constitution. Oh, we forgot, there is no constitution either or any rights that go along with it, at least in a court! How insane is that?

Since there is no law and no courts and only commerce then it’s all about money!

Since there is no money of substance to be found as well, then what is there?

There is nothing! It’s all an act, a game and a heinous scam! All of it!

The gambler clerks are the accountants-bookies for the bank-court. They bet on the BONDS then move the fake money (BONDS-BAD CHECKS) back and forth between the military officers of the court up to the U.S. District court and on to the money exchangers (the market). This scam goes on from Wall Street to the world bank!

The judges are actors who conflictingly work for the STATE (the plaintiff) and the Attorneys are foreign British-BAR agents that aren’t even allowed in a real court.

All prison/jail/warehouse bailiffs, sheriffs and police are Interpol military officers (hired to protect commerce-not people) so there aren’t any real American peacekeepers either.

So, what the hell is going on?

How do you deal with the courts and their scam if there is nothing to deal with?

Well as a wise sentient being with all rights intact you deal with the matter correctly up front!

First you deal with their offer and secondly you expose their crimes!

When you receive the first presentment (the indictment/charging instrument) which is a negotiable instrument DEAL WITH IT and deal with all the things listed above as well and you will never be in a court!

Statutory Courts do NOT have subject matter jurisdiction over living beings and if you handle things correctly up front and do not contract to their jurisdiction by mistake, nothing serious will ever happen! Always challenge the Subject Matte jurisdiction of the court but do our research and stand in your private jurisdiction correctly!

The first thing you could do is bring up the question of Subject Matter Jurisdiction over you the natural living man! They don’t have it, and nothing can proceed until they prove it on the record! It is important to say that you must always abide under your private jurisdiction, and you must stay in honor, or they will end up having Subject matter Jurisdiction by shear Trickery! Be wise and always stay in peace!