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Debt Consolidation


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on 02/05/2024 02:55:08

Hi there, 
I've was made aware of this truth a few years ago, but endured a traumatic car accident and head injury and put this exploration process on the back burner. 

Luckily i have stumbled upon this community and am thoroughly enthused to begin the dive down the rabbity hole. However, a few months ago i consolidated roughly 25-30k in cc debt which part of it accrued from purchases i didn't know about and interest accrued bc i was not paying down principle on the additional purchases. So my original balance was never touched. I was dealing with a TBI, etc and would get so stressed about the finances, and just put it off. 

All that being said, not for sympathy, more openness about how overwhelming debts and money in general can be for a human who wants to exist in peace. 
- even though my debt has been consolidated by a credit agency and now i make standard payments monthly, am i able to begin this process with the Agency? The first card was with Wells Fargo, the second, Chase. 
- i don't plan to act without a lot more reading, but curious if im thinking about it right. It would now apply to the debt consolidator and potentially be even simpler process. Is this right? 

Any advice or pitfalls would be greatly appreciated.