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Debts That Cannot Be Discharged

Finn: Sol

Using Your Exemption

Private debt, between two living souls, cannot be discharged using these instruments and it is ill-advised to attempt to use these instruments on debt secured by collateral. The best example of this kind of debt is a car loan. If you were to discharge a car loan using these instruments, the “creditor” would probably eventually have the car repossessed. Even though it would technically be stealing the car, if you were to call the police about the theft of the car, they would likely say it is a civil matter. This is just a way of saying they aren’t going to get involved.

Direct purchases also cannot be made with these instruments. You cannot just walk into a store and offer an instrument to obtain what you want. HJR 192 just says debts will be discharged dollar for dollar; it doesn’t say anything about buying goods. Many people have tried to use one of these instruments to buy expensive items like cars and houses, and many have heard the stories about those people being arrested and going to prison. This does not mean that it is impossible to use these instruments to buy items or that the instruments are not valid. It may mean that the people who tried to use them in this way didn’t know what they were doing and therefore got themselves in trouble. So, at this point, I would simply suggest that you not try to use these instruments to buy products. For now, it would appear to be a better strategy to charge items on a credit card and then discharge the credit card with an instrument.