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Discharging a debt properly...

Finn: Sol

When you are presented with an offer or presentment, by custom, it is expected that you will examine it, it is expected that you will accept it as presented, it is expected that you will return it.

Does not say anything about bills of exchange, commercial instruments, accepted for value, etc.

That’s all PAYTRIOT warfare. The presentment placed before you is a commercial negotiable instrument.

Definition of Offer: Black's 6th: Offer(n): A proposal to do a thing or pay an amount. Usually (always) accompanied by an expected acceptance, counteroffer, return, promise, or act.

Definition of Presentment: Black's 6th pg 1184 Gives you the options. Pay or Accept. Every word in the presentment placed before you is important. It tells you how to reply.

Can we "Pay" for anything???? since 1933? NOPE. So, what is the other option. If they are demanding "Payment"... and we can't pay... because there is no money... then what are they demanding?

Why are FRNs green? Traffic citations yellow? They are under COLOR of law. What is color of law? FAKE. Unenforceable... unless you consent.

Definition of DISCHARGE: Blacks 6th, Equity Practice: In the process of accounting before a master in chancery (anyone who can take an oath) the Discharge IS (is means equal) a statement of expenses and counter claims brought in and filed by way of Set Off by the accounting defendant which follows the charge in order.

Read and know every word in that definition and you will know the basics of what to do.

Look up the definition of the word VOUCHER in Black's 6th. First word... RECEIPT!!!! They send you all the money needed to pay what you cannot pay. Let that sink in.

In Equity, we teach NOT to argue the facts, law, jurisdiction, or venue.... if you do, you are in Dishonor.

Stay honorable!

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