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Hello Team, My 2 Cents


I just wanna say, it seems like most here wanna see proof without taking any classes are doing any studies. Chris has made it plan & yes I am in the process to packaging all of my docs: to pay off my car: I realize if (The LORD himself raise the dead) & they still deny him this process isn't any different people are people and always want written proof & still will sit on the fence & doubt you can't change the mind set of negative energy. Just my 2 cents. YQ 


I agree with you yash.
People please have a go if you do not then you only have your self to blame. Chris and others are doing their best and sharing their valuable time. Time they spent researching and time they spend sharing. There is no greater or more generous gift in life and so if you do not understand this, please leave.
Those that do keep it up you will get there, your time is also very much appreciated, Thank you.

rock crusher

The richest man on earth owns his day, I'm so tired of these fast food junkies, that want everything for nothing. Thanks for taking this up, yes they can please leave. Cheers.