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Instructions for Power of Attorney in Fact (UCC-1)

Finn: Sol

This is probably the most important document outside of the UCC-1 if not more than anything that has come into the John-Valued: Customer Community. 

Fill this out as soon as you do your UCC-1 and file in the county you live in. Then put it into your UCC-1 document with your COPYRIGHT and Security Agreement concerning the "STRAWMAN". 

When you and I were born, we were given to the State thru a STATE issued Birth Certificate with a BOND attached, the state sold our birth Certificates to the US Commerce Department, and they assumed Power of Attorney at Law over us. This document takes it away and puts it back where it belongs-the Living soul. 

From now on-only print the "STRAWMANS" name on any government document you receive, then sign With John-Valued: Customer, Agent. 

Take your W-4 form-Mark out the under the penalty of perjury, Print the STRAWMAN'S name in all CAPITAL LETTERS instead of signing your name and Check the EXEMPT space. Then write a short NOTICE stating that by POWER OF ATTORNEY IN FACT as Agent and you no longer give permission or consent by assent for the taking of any taxes out of the "STRAWMAN'S" check. Sign and attach your letter and your POWER OF ATTORNEY IN FACT to the W-4 form.  

Put a copy of the POWER OF ATTORNEY IN FACT with any document when dealing with the government or court system and always autograph your document with John-Valued: Customer, Agent.