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Please watch AND read the entire course How to Pay Bills with Coupons before attacking SUCCESS story posts.

D Lee

How can you be successful by skipping class and trying to get a quick cheat sheet from someone that spent the time to learn? I have spent well over 100 hours on videos and reading (AOR, state national, letters, common law, free mailing, coupons, 1099s, w8ben, etc.) and I still need to review the materials. I couldn't instruct another how to at this stage. I'm practicing the steps on printed samples now and am ready to send my first coupon payment in this week.

payment with coupon process will most likely be different. Even the coupons look different. So go take the time to learn, then come back and post YOUR success stories, with YOUR photos of proof if you wish posts to be a certain format. I'm going to post my success story when it happens. I have faith in this.

A simple, "I took the course, did it as Chris described and it was a success" should be enough proof without displaying personal papers and doesn't call for an attack. So is, "here are each and every step (5 paragraphs) and screenshots of my papers and proofs". These are members and your profiles shows (your points earned and checkmarks) if you've taken the courses and quizzes or not. If a member did and are successful, you should take that into consideration regardless if they posted a book on their steps and multiple images or not. Sure there are liars, but do they spend their time here commenting in order to screw you up? Trust yourself.

There are SEVERAL different ways to send in payments. Each person's situation is different. I'm going to try first with simple steps, no letters at first, fill out the coupon as instructed (in the classes), adding in the line of UCC codes, and just addressed to c/o CEO, @whatever bank, send free certified mail (another Course to take). Then I'll follow up with a call in 2 weeks, if I need to take more steps such as a letter, then I will. What have I got to lose? They are small credit cards under $1000.

Many of these same banks, City Bank, Synchrony Bank, Bank of America, etc. on credit cards are going to get used to seeing these coupon payments. Letters or threats might not be necessary. 

If you are only here to comment attack, you are not doing enough for yourself and hinder the other learning members' efforts. We would love to see your success stories.
I will be back.


How important is it to send the coupon 'taxe percue?" It does seem like an Alpha move, but also a risk that it shows up postage due and gets rejected.

Grandpa Crude

Sounds like another member, but he was banned, you are correct in my opinion, if people do the homework, there is no reason for this personal information proof. Always get the biggest mouth to put up or shut up, ask them to take a coupon for payment. I don't know what people are so afraid of a coupon is a negotiable instrument, a trustee that doesn't accept it is committing trust fraud, nothing can be done in the trust that doesn't benefit the beneficiary, you. Really quite simple.Thanks.