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Prepaid mail

I know, some call it "free mail," and others "prepaid." Since, on the USPS site, it refers to it as "prepaid," that is how I'll call it...

Just giving my 2 bux...with inflation, 2 bits, let alone 2 cents, just doesn't do it. 🤩

Anyway, although starting to get more time to look at this info (and there's tons), and reading how many ask "what's working," I wanted to share a minor success, to hopefully encourage others.

The success is via the prepaid mail process. There are a few different ways to send it, and I've chosen Taxe Percue [no, not because the abbreviation is TP, and I spell it out, just to be sure!].

This leads me to believe that if this works [and it has, for multiple sendings, although just letters, not packages, yet], there has to be other things that work. 

With many reading how various options aren't working, I hope this is helpful, especially to anyone else new[ish], wanting to hear about success. TY for your time! Apologies for double-posting...