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Question: Paying California Income Tax Due

Aimee Franklin

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on 10/27/2023 00:26:00

 I used a 1099-A for federal taxes and would like to know if any Californians here have been doing that for the State Franchise Board?

 If so, how successful were you? The amount due is less than $600, so I'd have to let it rack up some late fees to use the 1099-A. I've left it til late hoping I would find the information in my reading but no luck yet.

 I'm only 4 or 5 months into the learning process, and though I had gone through all of Chris Hauser's videos first and am doing all the courses here, plus reading all the posts, reading the redemption manuals, I am unsure about any other way to do the taxes. Other methods may require SPC status or filing of other forms for me to be qualified to use those methods. Am I wrong about that?

 I'd be grateful for any info or suggestions.