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Finn: Sol

The fiction and real cannot mix. The public and the private cannot mix.

You cannot create a public debt.

That is against the law.

A creditor can issue a bond (evidence of a public debt) and use the bond to discharge other public debts.

You cannot use the public federal reserve routing numbers on the private credit instruments you issue.

Those routing numbers are public.

Your credit instruments use your private routing number (EIN) with the closed account number.

You are a private banker.

The closed account number was accepted and put on a UCC-1.

Your acceptance of the account number takes it to the private side for adjustment and setoff.

You gave notice to John Snow, or his predecessor, that you had accepted the account as collateral.

Your secured party collateral rights are private.

You are a secured party on the private side even without filing a UCC-1

The UCC-1 is to give notice on the public side of your collateral rights.

That is why you can use the account for adjustment and setoff of public debts.

There is no money on the private side.

Debt is used on the public side to discharge other public debts.

There is no money on the public side either, but debt is accepted “as money”.

The debts that are owed to you by the public, can be used to discharge public debts.

A debt is a liability to the debtor and an asset, a bond, each time you use your credit.

You can bond your bill of exchange or use a bond.

Either way, it is a bond (evidence of a public debt owed to you) that discharges the public debt.

If the State cannot file a claim against you, because it is a fictitious entity and you are a real man, then it must file a claim against s straw man to get to you. What is it trying to get? Does it want your body in jail?

The money in your bank account? Your house? Your business?

The answer is NO. It wants your credit. It already has the rest of it, because everything is either registered or found on registered property. The state does not want the things that are held in the name of the strawman, but it has no compunction against taking those things, if you dishonor it in any way. All those things, except your body, belong to the straw man, which is an officer, agent, or employee of the US or one of its States. They do not belong to you. The “money” (FRN’s) belongs to the Federal Reserve because it is the entity that created it. The straw man just gets to use it as long as if follows the federal reserve rules. The title to the real property associated with your house is held by the straw man. The business license for your business was issued to the straw man. The registration for the car names the straw man as the owner. The driver’s license was issued to the straw man. None of those assets belong to you. They are all pieces of paper that belong to the straw man, UNLESS it fails to follow the rules.