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Secured Creditor via a UCC Filing Process

Finn: Sol

This section is not directly pertinent to the discussion of TDAs, but it is worth mentioning because it is related to the overarching discussion of value held by the government in trust. It is rather complex, so if this is too much to digest, you can skip this section.

There’s a lot to unpack here and I will summarize and simplify most of this to the best of my ability for ease of comprehension, but there is a lot more the story than what is herein presented.

During the Civil War, congress was abandoned due to the fact a quorum was not present—there wasn’t enough representatives and senators in attendance to conduct the countries business. The same thing happened to all the states, which means there was effectively no constitutional republic any longer. As a result, President Lincoln declared martial law, issued the first executive order and the Lieber Code.

Under martial law, the military seized all property and placed it in trust, for protection, along with declaring the nation bankrupt. Lincoln was killed before he was able to end the Civil War and martial law.

The international bankers stepped in, introduced a corporate version of the United States (USA, Inc.), under the prevailing laws of commerce at the time, and expanded the federalized territory of Washington D.C., turning all states into franchises of the parent corporation, USA, inc.

The people were then declared enemies of the now banker run government, which effectively invaded the constitutional republic. The “on the land” citizens were considered enemies of the international banker version of the government. The people were pledged as surety for the bankruptcy of the first republic, and a liquidation process began, whereby, over the next 70 years the citizens had to pay the new banker run state via their labor. International laws established by the Hague and Geneva conventions (1864, 1906, 1929, 1949) created regulations for the management of non-combatants, which afforded protections to people in a war-time situation.

But the Civil War and martial law never officially ended. In addition, since the government declared citizens enemy combatants, the people were not protected under internal law.

The birth certificate became a bond whereby the State gave “shares” of the USA, inc to the citizen, who had no title to it due to the fact they were enemies of the State. But because of martial law, the State took full liability of all property, including the estates of the people, which meant they had to provide remedy and services. This means that all non-combatants can discharged their debt using the birth certificate bond, but only if they establish that they are the creditor, “owner” of the bond and no longer enemy combatants.

Apparently, the way this process works is you file a document in the U.C.C. system—which is a privately run commercial law system for the settling of contracts—essentially stating you are the living creditor on the land, not an enemy combatant, and transfer your interest to the government.

You agree to discharged debts via the birth certificate bond, using the IRS as a kind of clearing house.

That is what I was able to uncover in my research about this process.

Wading through all the complexities, this process effectively employs existing previsions in the legal system to establish control over your credit-based value, secured in a bond via the birth certificate. This pulls you out of the incompetency status, at least insofar as being declared an enemy of the state is concerned, and then gives you administrative power over the accounts so debt can be discharged (paid).

This all sounds well and good, but there’s a few things to consider here as well.

The U.C.C. system is a private banking and equity management system. It owes no allegiance to anything but itself and those who own and manage it. It isn’t bound to honor justice, truth, and benevolence of life. In other words, this international system of law is not derived from natural law, and by extension, divine law, which means that to use it implies you acknowledge its authority. And this is literally true because by filing documentation in it to establish your status, you rest on the authority of the U.C.C.

In addition, such a process validates the fraudulent banker takeover of the republic, and it is effectively an admission that the Civil War and Martial law declared in the 1800s is still in effect.

In other words, while this method appears to be a superior form of authority when compared to accessing the TDA without any declaration, it isn’t an ultimate solution to the much greater problems we face on this planet.

That said, I don’t discount that this process works or that there is merit to using it. I’m merely offering insights within the greater context of restoring the true rule of law to this planet, which ultimately needs to derive its authority from the divine creator, the true source of all law, not the U.C.C.


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