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Secured Party Creditor

Finn: Sol

Secured Party Creditor

The Secured Party is an American State Citizen of the United States of America; secured and protected by the Constitution as a Principal Creditor that can also give an account with blood.

The Principal Creditor at his birthing was given an Absolute Inherit Estate, as a probated registered account by his will to live.

The Principal Creditor then became the original LESSOR and the Insured by way of the “Certificate of Live Birth”, a document that Leased the Estate to the Principal Debtor, as the original LESSEE a Body Corporate/Account in Form; in custody as an Independent Treasury Account and a United States Citizenship domiciled in a Foreign Jurisdiction known as Washington, District of Columbia.

The Principal Debtor is operating as an Executive Agency, a private deposit insurer, to issue orders for Subleasing insurance monetary contracts as the new LESSOR and the Insurer to the Principal Creditor (the Insured party) and the new LESSEES are the UNITED STATES and the STATE organizations of corporation and other licensed corporations, known as AFFILIATES:

STATE OF XXXXXXXX Affiliate – Certificate of Live Birth – was to be 3-seven year leases and terminated at the age of 21.

UNITED STATES Affiliate – Social Security Account – a 1-seven year leasing contract to be terminated at the age of 25.

US Department of Navy Affiliate – DD 214N Military Service Bounty as leased royalty continuous discharging account.

Certificate of Baptism 214N with Church of Rome Affiliate – was to be 3-seven year leases and terminated at the age of 21.