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success with 10 payment coupons

rock crusher

I have had success this month with 10 coupon payments. Only one greedy crook sent me a new coupon, thinking I would pay again, they don't like not being able to get paid twice. Please don't ask for proof, you either believe or you don't. Cheers.

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This is not about belief. Belief is the enemy of knowing. If you have had success why would you have an aversion to providing proof. It's not a big deal. Why are you fostering an environment of distrust. If it worked for you show us.

I would. The only reason I have nothing to share is that I declared bankruptcy in 2019 before I learned all of this. I don't have any debt to try it out on.

I I meet with success in paying something off with the coupon method you can best believe I will scan it all it and share it with EVERYONE.

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Thanks for sharing. Were these coupons for utility companies?