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The Infamous Black Card

Finn: Sol

The black card would be good if you had a multi-million dollar business to use it for, but I would not recommend this card for any Sovereign men & women, or Secured Party/Creditors. It’s not a scam or anything like that (or could it be?), but the point of being Sovereign and being unplugged from the money matrix scheme that was built to keep us enslaved as debtors is to not give our support to these greedy criminal companies who lend out credit and charge outrageous “fees” to make sure they get what is theirs back on schedule. Getting any credit cards and supporting these criminals who run these money lending enterprises is something we want to avoid as being a Creditor in Commerce or a Sovereign because by taking that step in being free is basically saying that we are independent men & women and we do not need to live off of your corrupt and unlawful fraudulent system. Of course, we need money to survive if we are going to live depending on one’s choices that they make at will, but if we chose to continue using the currency that is in circulation today or in future generations then we should do so wisely. There are plenty of ways to generate residual income to live off of. I do understand the whole concept of being a creditor to your DEBTOR by a private agreement, but why would anyone want to continue supporting these very same money lending criminals who have made the lives of innocent men & women miserable because they were tricked into accepting money that isn’t even lawful to pay it all back and then some? If you ask me, I wouldn’t support this Black Card, but I would boycott it and advise others to do the same. It just isn’t worth it to continue supporting those who lend you money they create out of thin air for the purposes of making their bank accounts bigger than the general public’s. Now, with that being said…

The Centurion card by AMEX is a public credit instrument which is no different than having a MC or Visa except this card has a higher limit and other perks for the rich. The Legacy card (or Black Card) is private, elusive, and extremely hard to get. That’s way some people say it’s a myth…your typical unicorn. You can apply for it (not like a Credit Card application), or you can be sponsored by someone that already has one. It is NOT for the novice because used incorrectly can get you in trouble and/or taken away.

File and fill out the proper forms, charge that bad boy up and you’re good to go. How else are you going to spend your million to buy Stuff? It’s your CREDIT and it is there for your exclusive use! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Note: The easiest way to utilize your credit is to create debt and then dispute the debt. Requesting validation of the debt is everything and is done by sending written requests. I have sent out two letters each time and waited for them to fail to validate and then proceeded with a small claim’s lawsuit for FDCPA violations. They have settled each time before getting into the court room with the judge. They usually remove the collection off of your report.