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The Right Mind Set

Finn: Sol

Many people have successfully used these instruments to discharge debts, but that doesn’t mean that you will be able to achieve the same results. The outcome you achieve depends largely upon you. In order for any remedy to work, you need more than information, you need understanding, which only you can provide. It is not enough to merely use the information. You must understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. You must provide the understanding, determination, persistence, and courage to apply the information correctly. In other words, you must have the personal character necessary to make any solution work. You must “own” (internalize) the knowledge and be able to effectively use and apply it to be truly successful.

So, how can you develop your own understanding and character? Only you can answer that question. Each person must follow their own path to develop understanding and character. I would propose you undertake this journey with a long-term commitment to honesty, truth, integrity, and justice. These are matters of the heart and/or spirit. The heart can easily be deceived by selfish desires. So, I recommend that you use something other than your own wishes as the plumb line by which you judge your heart. I propose that you use the Bible for this purpose (although you may be more comfortable with some other standard). I would also advocate that you find others with a similar belief system whom you give permission to ask the tough, probing questions about your motives and intent, to help guard you against self-deception. You must guard against a desire for quick personal advantage or getting something for nothing.

If you use the information provided here (and in greater detail elsewhere) and you lose in a given situation, this will not mean the war is over or that your efforts went unrewarded. The failed attempt may well be part of your journey toward the understanding and character that you will require to eventually win the war and gain greater personal freedom. Personal freedom is well worth fighting for, so be determined and not give up at the first setback or unexpected result.