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How Banks Create Money
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How Banks Create Money Out of NOTHING

How Banks Create Money Out Of NOTHING! Richard Werner reveals the magic ... You won't believe this 

Full interview here: 

Richard Werner, the author of 'quantitative easing' and a leading banking expert in the world: on interest rates being a provenly false driver of economic growth and the damaging policies of central banks, on centuries old misconceptions about money creation and the actual role of banks in creating money out of thin air, which keeps ravaging markets and hurting the economy via boom bust cycles, about ECB whose policies managed to help destroy 5000 banks in Europe by 2020, about meeting Alan Greenspan who got an instant amnesia about credit creation as the only correct money making theory, etc. However, professor Werner also proposes straightforward solutions for a stable and long-term sustainable growth and development of society in the broadest sense. 

The interview with the professor, who doesn't beat around the bush, was recorded on October 15, 2020. The printed version of this thought provoking talk has been published at 'Finance Manager', the leading business weekly magazine in Slovenia. 

Links: Richard Werner, interviewee: 

Bostjan Usenik, interviewer & producer of the channel: 

Printed version of the interview in 'Finance Manager' magazine: